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President-elect Donald Trump won’t be trading the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom for the Oval Office even when his presidency begins, Variety reports. Trump will stay on the NBC reality show as an executive producer.  

According to MGM, Trump will remain an executive producer on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice—appropriately retitled The New Celebrity Apprentice. Trump will reportedly be getting paid for the gig. (You didn’t expect him to give up the presidential salary and this salary, right?)

How much exactly Trump will be paid per episode is unknown, but it’s said at minimum it will be in the “low five-figures.” MGM, the production company behind the show, will reportedly pay Trump for the eight episodes of the series that have been ordered. Trump starred on the show until he launched his presidential bid last year, with his last Celebrity Apprentice episode airing in February 2015.

Trump’s name will appear in the show’s credits after Apprentice creator Mark Burnett’s name and before new host Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will also have an executive producer credit. Schwarzenegger, like Trump, went from showbiz to politics when he became governor of California.

Celebrity Apprentice had behind-the-scenes horror stories come out during the election including Trump calling Lil Jon an “Uncle Tom,” Trump laughing about a Celebrity Apprentice staffer who alleged she was groped by Gary Busey on set, and Trump, while married, allegedly proposing to Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick, talking about her “perfect body.”

The eighth season of Celebrity Apprentice, the fifteenth season of The Apprentice overall, is set to premiere Jan. 2, 2017.