One of the most annoying aspects of trying to maintain a personal fitness regimen is simply finding the time to hit the gym for a sweat-breaking jaunt through various physical activities. Turns out, staying fit is some of the most boring shit of all time. Humans are also a particularly busy species, always bogged down with any number of obligations ranging from checking one's most recent 'gram for the expected lack of likes to, I don't know, checking one's tweet for the exact same thing?

But deer know how to get shit done. When all else fails, sometimes you just have to burst into a (decidedly deer-unfriendly) human gym for your daily calorie burn. According to WLOS, a Gold's Gym location in South Carolina was gifted with a health-conscious deer Friday and even grabbed some Facebook-shared footage to prove it:

For humans, however, this deer's particular fitness method comes highly not recommended. Simply bursting into a gym, Gold's or otherwise, without a pricey monthly membership and a $50 water bottle strategically filled with sugary Gatorade will likely get your non-deer ass banned for life. Deer, it seems, have all the luck. Well, almost. "He thought a buck could join, but it's a buck to join," Gold's Gym general manger Brad Smith told WHNS Friday, presumably while patting himself on the back for landing that joke in print.

A spokesperson for deer could not be reached for comment.