Every year, Google releases its annual "Year In Search" review. The project reveals the hottest trending terms that users were itching to learn more about, and while some are expected, there are always a few surprises. In 2015, some of these searches included Star Wars, Adele, and the tragic events in Paris. Given that 2016 was another busy year in the world of politics, entertainment, and tech, there were a plethora of reasons to turn to Google. To no one's surprise, 2016's most searched phrases include president-elect Donald Trump, mobile gaming app Pokémon GO, and England's withdrawal from the EU, known as Brexit.

For Canadians, there were some Canuck-specific searches that infiltrated the list, including Penny Oleksiak, Rob Ford, and the devastating fires of Fort McMurray. For a complete list of the most searched terms in Canada, check out the breakdown below, and be sure to visit Google's official blog to delve into the analytics.

Canadian Athletes

1) Penny Oleksiak 

2) PK Subban

3) Andre De Grasse

4) Sidney Crosby

5) Michael Saunders

Canadian Politicians

1) Rob Ford

2) Kellie Leitch

3) Brad Wall

4) Doug Ford

5) Kathleen Wynne


1) Drake

2) Céline Dion

3) Gord Downie

4) Leonard Cohen

5) Penny Oleksiak


1) Drake

2) Beyoncé

3) Rihanna

4) Céline Dion

5) Kanye West

Consumer Technology

1) iPhone 7

2) Samsung Galaxy S7

3) Samsung Galaxy Note 7

4) Google Pixel

5) Nintendo Switch


1) Alberta Economy

2) Command Economy

3) Donald Trump

4) China Economy

5) 1920s Economy


1) Drake

2) Beyoncé

3) Rihanna

4) Céline Dion

5) Kanye West

News Stories

1) Donald Trump

2) US Election

3) Zika Virus

4) Olympics

5) Fort McMurray Fire


1) Donald Trump

2) Pokémon Go

3) Toronto Raptors

4) Fort McMurray Fire

5) Prince

Song Lyrics

1) Panda

2) One Dance

3) 7 Years

4) Work

5) Stressed Out


1) Pokémon

2) Hatchimals

3) Trolls

4) Baby Alive

5) Num Noms

TV Shows

1) Stranger Things

2) Westworld

3) Girlmore Girls

4) Fuller House

5) Luke Cage

What is?

1) What is Brexit?

2) What is Zika Virus?

3) What is Microblading?

4) What is Harambe?

5) What is the Electoral College?

Who is?

1) Who is Harambe?

2) Who is Ken Bone?

3) Who is Ann Coulter?

4) Who is the father of Bridget Jones' baby?

5) Who is George Soros?