For those of us in Toronto that utilize public transit, it can sometimes be frustrating to lose phone service while commuting. Morning and evening rush hours can make our travel times even longer, and frequent stoppages are a common occurrence when getting from point A to point B. Thankfully, the TTC has begun to introduce WiFi throughout the subway, allowing us to connect, send off emails, messages, or simply pass time, while we travel to our destination.

The TConnect WiFi service has been pretty convenient, but it's also been quite limited to a few major stops. It seems as though the TTC heard our pleas, because the commission has now increased WiFi portals to 46 subway stations in total. This means that you can now connect to the service throughout most of your trip.

TConnect is a free service that allows TTC users to connect quickly to the internet, and should pop up as a homepage when in the subway. The network took to Twitter earlier today, and introduced Rosedale and Greenwood as its latest installments.

While the entirety of the transit system is yet receive internet service, 46 stops is quite a lot. You'll still be disconnected while traveling between stations, but the service will automatically connect you once you reach the next portal. For an extensive list of the WiFi coverage, check out the TConnect website here.