After Donald Trump's presidential victory, petitions are calling on the Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton president. But it appears that Clinton is trying to get away from politics for a bit. After conceding to Donald Trump, Clinton decided to take a hike—literally. While hiking, a woman and her daughter stumbled upon Hillary Clinton and her husband. Bill Clinton took a picture of them, which promptly sent the internet into a frenzy.

According to CNN, Margot Gerster was hiking in the woods of Chappaqua, New York on Thursday with her 13-month-old daughter Phoebe and their dog Piper. While she hikes that path every day, this time was different—she encountered former first couple Hillary and Bill Clinton. She immediately had an "awkward, huge grinning smile" and started "fan-girling."

"I've been feeling so heartbroken since yesterday’s election and decided what better way to relax than take my girls hiking," Gerster wrote on Facebook. "Hillary Clinton and Bill with their dogs doing exactly the same thing as I was."

Gerster said Clinton "couldn't have seemed any nicer or, you know, kinder and gracious to me." Given that it was the first time Clinton has been seen publicly since conceding the election, Gerster said, "She seemed as well as anybody could be expected after such a crazy, crazy experience."

Gerster told the former Secretary of State how proud she was to have voted for Clinton, but didn't get too political beyond that. "She was taking a nice, peaceful hike through the woods, Gerster said. "I don't think she wanted to talk serious politics."

Gerster hugged Clinton before Bill snapped a picture of them together. 

Gerster told CNN that she hopes the picture will "make people smile." She explained, "It was a very dark day yesterday, I just feel like the fact I ran into Hillary while I was trying to clear my head, was sort of like a hopeful sign. I hope the picture brings hope to people who need it."

The picture did indeed bring hope to people who needed it:

Some said the picture is exactly what they needed:

One user wishes she could've encountered Clinton:

Others were happy for Clinton, first and foremost:

At least one person was just happy that Clinton does normal things—he's not so sure the same is true for Trump:

Of course, it is Twitter, after all, so some people cracked jokes: 

So if you find yourself hiking in New York, make sure to keep an eye out for the Clintons.