The internet is weird, we all know that. But sometimes, social media gets even weirder than usual—like way weirder. For example, Tumblr user "cummy-eyelids" (seriously) just received a severed toe from another Tumblr user, "royallyoily," and is planning to make a necklace out of the toe. So, yeah, there's that. 

In a Tumblr post, cummy-eyelids explained the situation:

"A few days ago I received a very special package in the mail. It contained this amputated human toe, belonging to the lovely royallyoily. Like, literally this is a toe off of her foot. I’ll be changing the solution, putting it in a new pretty jar, and potentially making it into a wearable pendant. Taking on this project is so super meaningful to me, more so than any other jewelry project i’ve taken on, including the engagement ring. I’m so appreciative of her trust in me, and I’m so excited to get to work on this!"

Cummy-eyelids, whose Tumblr says her name is "Lana (it's anal backwards)," is 23, according to BuzzFeed. She got the toe from 26-year-old royallyoily, whose real name is Hayley. 

In response to cummy-eyelids post, royallyoily added:

Literally brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful and excited myself. Not only do I absolutely trust your artistic expertise @cummy-eyelids but I also feel my body part (yes an actual piece of me) could not be in more capable hands. I know you will respect and care for my little piggy. I appreciate this more than you’ll ever really know!

Of course, people had a lot of questions...

...and luckily for us, royallyoily answered them for us in a separate post. She explained that she didn't just randomly chop her toe off for a necklace. It was amputated years ago during surgery. "A doctor recommended the surgery and the toe removal was just a small portion of the process," she wrote. "I had a condition known as brachymetatarsia. I actually wish I had done the toe lengthening surgery instead, but was told at the time it was experimental."

For those wondering, brachymetatarsia (also known as brachymetatarsal) is a condition where a growth disturbance on a bone in the foot causes a short toe. The post even includes before and after photos from the surgery.

The artist, cummy-eyelids, told BuzzFeed that she usually works with "wet specimens, bones, and skulls" for her art and also "makes jewelry out of copper and silver." So for cummy-eyelids, "This project is just a nice way for me to combine my skills." Now that she's got the toe, she plans to re-preserve the toe and put it in a pendant-sized jar.

Perhaps the weirdest part is that the two weren't even friends before this whole thing. "We literally met over discussion of her wanting her toe made into art/jewelry," cummy-eyelids explained on Tumblr.

In a comment to Select All, a Tumblr spokesperson said, "We’re happy to see how these two have connected over their shared passion."

I guess that's one way to describe it. The internet, man. Weird shit.