You know what’s even scarier than Donald Trump in the White House? The people he’s bringing with him. For the past three weeks, the president-elect and his vice president-to-be Mike Pence have been holding meetings in Manhattan’s Trump Tower and his golf resort in New Jersey, rushing to staff their impending administration in time for his January 20 apocalypse/inauguration. They’ve already announced a handful of key positions, and more appointments are expected soon.

So far, the picks hint that the next four years will be just as horrifying as many predicted, filled mostly with bigots, people who are wholly unqualified, and those who favor the federal government taking outsized, aggressive approaches to foreign affairs, terrorism, and domestic security in ways that should terrify anyone who favors peace, freedom, and human rights. During his campaign, Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington, but his administration is already looking pretty damn murky.

We haven’t seen a squad of super-villains this deep since Lex Luthor assembled the Legion of Doom to take on the Superfriends. You already know Trump and Pence. Now, meet the other people who will likely be messing your life up for the next four years.