Russian teen Nikita Rasskazov tried to prove his love to his (cheating) girlfriend by decapitating the guy she cheated on him with and giving her the guy’s head as a token. We’ve seen cheaters suffer other fates ranging from the mild (when compared to decapitation), like being exposed on Facebook, to the extreme, like having their penis set on fire.

The tragic tale was reported by Russian newspaper DVnovosti, where it was spotted by Elite Daily. Rasskazov, 16, allegedly met with the victim, 19-year-old Artyom Shustov, at a park in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The two met to talk about Rasskazov’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Olena Matsneva.

Matsneva had posted a photo of herself and Shustov. Matsneva told her boyfriend Shustov had forced himself on her, after which she engaged in oral sex with him. Friends of Shustov said that while drinking on the night before the beheading, Matsneva was the one pursuing Shustov before they went to another room where the oral sex happened.

The meeting between Rasskazov and Shustov spun out into a shouting match, according to a girl who was with Shustov until she left after hearing “cries” from both teens. Shustov tried running away, but Rasskazov pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed Shustov twice before beheading him.

The following day Rasskazov went to see Matsneva and told her about the murder before showing her Shustov’s severed head. Police said Rasskazov tried to get rid of the severed head by putting it in a book bag he filled with heavy rocks and tossed into the Silinka River.

Rasskazov was arrested and later admitted to the murder, saying in a statement to police that he “wanted to bring the head to his beloved Olena to prove his love in this way."