Some things in life require little to no explanation. Their core essence, be it a powerful message, strong profile, or simply an undeniable presence, immediately tells you all you need to know about them. The new Lexus IS is a perfect example of this. Its bold lines, sleek profile, and luxurious interior make for a powerful statement—and that's even before you turn on the engine.

The IS offers several different model options, including the IS 350, IS AWD, and IS Turbo, all available in F SPORT. This provides the best driving experience for every type of driver.

Life is full of decisions. When it comes to deciding what you drive, make sure you do one thing: Choose loudly. Drive the Lexus IS and send the world a powerful message; that you, like your car, are bold beyond words.

Check out the striking design of the 2017 Lexus IS in the pic below. To learn more, visit your local Lexus dealer or log onto

Image via Lexus