Many of us have recently been introduced to an all-new dining concept. Just when you thought you had all the basic meals down, Jack in the Box threw Brunchfast into the mix (since brunch isn’t just for Sundays—it’s for anytime you crave it).

Guests at the first-ever ComplexCon, which took place earlier this month in Long Beach, California, were given a fully immersive introduction to the world of Brunchfast. The giant Jack in the Box ball pit allowed Con-goers to act like little kids again, diving head first into what looked like a sea of eggs (but don’t worry, nothing cracked). Ball pit visitors were also able to tackle giant inflatable Brunchfast sandwiches, which generally resulted in even more head first diving into the pit.

But the pit was just the precursor to the Brunchfast 360 video experience that was housed inside a mysterious box at the center of Jack in the Box’s installation. Those who entered the box did so with great curiosity… and likely came out hungry.

To see what Jack in the Box cooked up at the inaugural ComplexCon, check out the photos below. And if you want to learn more about Brunchfast and its amazing menu, click here.

Image via Allen Park
Image via Allen Park
Image via Allen Park