True love exists after all. A pilot thought of a unique way to propose to his girlfriend mid-flight, and video footage of the sweet marriage proposal is going viral. 

In the viral video, Captain Dooley Ellis is seen speaking over the intercom on a Qantas Airlines flight traveling from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles. As he updates other passengers with the flight coordinates, he takes the time to introduce his girlfriend Emma. "She’s traveling back to South America now to visit her family, and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia," the pilot says.

He then proceeds to ask her for her hand in marriage in two different languages. "So now that I have her complete attention, Ana: ¿Quieres consarte conmigo​? Will you marry me," he asks. And she says yes!

Following the romantic gesture, Captain Ellis spoke to about why he decided to propose from way up in the sky. "I wanted to bring my life—as a pilot of 30 years with Qantas and whose father was also a Qantas Captain—and Ana’s life together in that special moment that only I could achieve,” he told the publication.  "I wanted everyone not only on board the aircraft, but spanning the world to know how I feel about Ana." He also discussed why it was so important that he do it on that particular flight. "Ana was leaving me for two months to visit her parents and children in Colombia, but the most important reason is that it was time for both of us together," he added. 

Creative marriage proposals have probably been flooding everyone's timelines for a while now, from flash mobs to concert proposals. But an in-flight engagement definitely gets some points for uniqueness. A number of fans took to Twitter to react to the viral video, many of which saying the it left them in tears. 


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