Michael Moore kept a much lower profile during Barack Obama’s presidency than he did during George W. Bush’s time in office, when Moore was a constant thorn in Dubya’s side. Well, it looks like Donald Trump’s shocking win has emboldened the documentary filmmaker like never before.

Already, Moore has emerged as one of the most outspoken voices of the anti-Trump movement, which erupted almost immediately after it was announced that he would become the 45th POTUS, a result that Moore himself predicted.

On Saturday, Moore joined protesters outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan. But in true Moore fashion, the professional provocateur decided to take things a step further. Moore entered the building with the hopes of speaking to Trump face-to-face. He rode the escalators all the way to the fourth floor before being stopped by Secret Service, filming the attempt and broadcasting it on Facebook Live for all to see.

Though Moore didn’t get any face time with the president-elect, he did say later that he left a note with the agents, who promised to deliver it to Trump, The Washington Post reports. According to Moore himself, the note had a simple message for the future president: “You lost. Step aside.”

Moore’s is referring to the fact that while Trump received more electoral college votes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. In fact, once all the votes are counted, Clinton will reportedly have received the second most votes of any presidential candidate in history, behind only Barack Obama.

It’s something Moore likely won't let go of for the foreseeable future. "I'm opposed to this man who did not win the popular vote taking office,” he said on Facebook after he emerged from the building. “We need to figure out what we can do, legally, nonviolently, to make sure this doesn't happen." 

Watch Michael Moore's anti-Trump escapades below.