Instagram launched a few more Snapchat-esque new features earlier this month, including the ability to send "disappearing" photos and videos to the people in your life worthy of that style of communication. All obvious Snapchat jokes aside, the feature is a cool one and even comes complete with exactly what you should have expected: screenshot notifications!

This shouldn't be a huge deal for normal, non-creepy, regular-ass people who acknowledge that screenshotting a message that's meant to be private and temporary is totally a douchebag move. But what about all the other shit on Instagram? Are people, as a few broad headlines have suggested, now getting notifications for all screenshots? To paraphrase Mashable's report on this matter: Nah.

But that hasn't stopped everyone from freaking the fuck out:

"Since launching improvements to Instagram Direct last year, the number of people using Direct each month has grown from 80 million to 300 million people around the world," an Instagram rep boasted in a press release last week announcing the disappearing messages feature. "In fact, many of them use group threads every day to stay in touch with their closest friends and family."

And that's exactly why these new updates are dope, Snapchat comparisons be damned.