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A nightclub owner in France got his jacket melted to his fingers when his e-cigarette exploded, and it was all caught on video. E-cigarette explosions have been caught on camera before, like the time a device created a fireball and left a Kentucky man with a first-degree burn. Another e-cigarette explosion victim included a 14-year-old left partially blind after a vape pen exploded in his face.  

According to a translated interview from France’s Ladepeche, the nightclub owner was Amine Britel. At the time of the incident, Britel was standing outside the nightclub he owns in Toulouse.

"Suddenly I heard a noise like sparkler, but 10 times more powerful. And after the shock of the explosion, I realized that I had caught fire," Britel said. He was then seen squirming, struggling to remove the device from his pocket.

Firefighters took Britel to the emergency room. As a result of the explosion, Britel suffered burns to the side of his abdomen and his fingers because he tried to remove the vape from his pocket.

The cause of the explosion is unknown at this time, but Britel speculated it could’ve been that his battery short circuited after coming into contact with coins in his pocket. The club owner said he got the Chinese battery in Toulouse, and though he didn’t identify the battery’s manufacturer, he said he planned to sue.