President elect Donald Trump is singularly fixated on the concept of "winning" more than any other human on the planet (except maybe Charlie Sheen), so naturally the man is whining about the fact that, while he won the election thanks to the electoral college, he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Now, a week after the election, Trump is pouting on Twitter about his loss.

This morning, Trump went on Twitter to first praise the electoral college (an institution many progressives are working to abolish), and state that if the election were based on popular votes, he would have won "even bigger" (note again: he didn't win the popular vote at all). 

Trump's inclusion of Florida in the list of places he would have campaigned is curious, given that he campaigned in the state many times throughout the election season, and also won Florida in the election. But what does it matter that he still doesn't understand the election process, right?

His praise of the electoral college is also a major change of tune from what the Donald was singing on Twitter four years ago, when he called the electoral college "a disaster for democracy." 

How true that turned out to be, yet again.