A West Virginia Democratic Congressional candidate’s past attempt to clone his deceased son strangely hasn’t been brought up during the race, reported the Associated Press. It’s almost hard to believe in an an election that has seen more than its fair share of strangeness, like a Texas commissioner calling Hillary Clinton a c-word and Donald Trump accusing Clinton of fabricating Trump sexual assault allegations.

Mark Hunt, vying for the 2nd Congressional District, said his opponent Republican Rep. Alex Mooney hasn’t brought up Hunt’s attempt to clone his son because it would only earn sympathy for Hunt, according to polls. However, Hunt pointed out he’s been elected several times after his plans to clone his son went public.

"My son died. We would've done anything to save him. We would've done anything to create a twin of him, if it were possible. We tried," Hunt said. "We broke no laws. We spent our money. And maybe we were taken advantage of by people. But finally we had to let him go."

Hunt’s son Andrew died at 10 months of post-heart surgery complications. Andrew would’ve been 18 years old this October. Hunt reportedly spent thousands to build a lab inside a Nitro, West Virginia community center, which he would close down months later.  

Hunt provides a good chance for the Democrats to get a seat in Congress. He said his political goal is to focus on jobs while Mooney, a Donald Trump supporter, is said to be running to protect gun rights and oppose abortion. Hunt has remained neutral in the presidential race, saying Clinton and Trump are "thorny choices."