Off the heels of Donald Trump's controversial victory in the presidential elections, the organizers of the Black Lives Matter Movement issued a statement regarding the president-elect and their continued push for justice and equality. 

In the statement, which was released to Mic on Tuesday, the Black Lives Matter network continued to demand the end of police brutality and the death of black people, all while commenting on the violence and disenfranchisement Trump will inflict once he is officially sworn into office. "In the three years since Black Lives Matter organized, we've called for more safety. Not less. We've demanded an end to anti-black state violence," the statement read. "In the months leading up to this election, we have demanded support from white people in dismantling white supremacy—a farce that persuaded some to believe we were living in a post-racial America while simultaneously rolling back the rights of black people and other people of color."

And while the leaders understood that others may not have agreed with their message or methods, the results of the election left them collectively feeling more "than disappointed or angry—we feel betrayed." "Donald Trump has promised more death, disenfranchisement and deportations. We believe him," the organizers, many of whom previously endorsed Hillary Clinton, continued. "The violence he will inflict in office, and the permission he gives for others to commit violence, is just beginning to emerge."

The statement also suggested others who believe in the movement need to work together to form an "elaborate strategy to eradicate both white supremacy and implicit bias towards it," and to fight against the "anti-blackness of America's history that let to" Trump's political movement. "We are committed to practicing empathy for one another in this struggle—but we do not and will not negotiate with racists, fascists or anyone who demands we compromise our existence." The organizers concluded the letter by stating that in light of Trump's presidency, the fight and commitment to their mission would continue and grow stronger. "The work will be harder, but the work is the same."

Hundreds of thousands continue to march around the country in protest of the president-elect. Many of the demonstrators carry signs in support of BLM as well as equal rights for other minorities. A number of activists, including DeRay McKesson, have already joined forces to discuss the next plans of action following the election. You can read the full statement from the Black Lives Matter organizers here