Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has allegedly checked into rehab for sex addiction, the Daily Mail reports. The scandal-entrenched former politician has been the subject of national scrutiny since 2011, when he accidentally tweeted a photo of his crotch from his public Twitter account, revealing a sexting scandal. In late September, 52-year-old Weiner, who is technically still married, was caught sexting a 15-year-old girl and is now reportedly seeking professional help.

The check-in to rehab is just one event in a long line of scandals that have had a perhaps irredeemably negative impact on Weiner's public image and his career as a politician. In late August, it was revealed that Weiner had sent partially naked photos to a woman while he was in bed with his infant son. Soon after the photos were leaked, Weiner's wife and top aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, announced that she was separating from Weiner. The two are still married, but currently estranged. 

The latest sexting incident is disturbing in that it involved Weiner exchanging photos and sexually explicit messages to a minor. 

According to the Daily Mail, the facility where Weiner checked in is separated by gender and does not allow patients to use cell phones. The Daily Mail further reported that the rehab program includes treatment for addiction to cybersex, porn, anonymous sex, and exhibitionism.

The American Psychiatric Association does not recognize sexual addiction as a psychiatric condition, but rehab centers around the country treat patients for sex-related addictions. 

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