On two separate occasions this month, and at two very different events, I noticed one familiar thing: a Polaroid camera. As a 1980s baby, you recognize it the second you see it. They stick out because, in the age of the cell phone, not many people are pulling out a Polaroid to take photos. But Polaroid is roaring back, having reintroduced a modern version of its camera for people old and young (particularly young) who miss the feeling of capturing a moment in time while being able to physically feel and see the end result.

Along with the updated incarnations of the camera, Polaroid sells other nifty little toys, like a mobile printer and similar devices that can print out what you capture on that smartphone you refuse to let go of. In 2015, Polaroid’s CEO said the company represented “curators of innovation.” In 2016, they’re cashing in on helping consumers choose old ways of seeing themselves with their products.