It may only be a few months until Joe Biden will sign off as vice president of the United States, but he's using every moment he has left to promote a cause close to his heart: campus sexual assault. The vice president teamed up with actor and comedian Adam Devine and Funny or Die to create a new video for the White House's "It's on Us" campaign to educate against sexual assault and rape on college campuses. 

In the  new video, Devine is told that he will be assigned to a special mission, and will be buddied up with Joe Biden to go "back to school." The duo goes undercover to a frat house party where they attempt to blend in (mostly by talking about hashtags and wearing sunglasses). After some mingling with the youths, the two get up on a stage (which frat parties always have), and say they have an announcement to make.

Biden starts by saying he's not really a college student, and informing the crowd that "1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted by the time they leave college. And we can all work together to change that." Devine winces as Biden gives this stat, and says he's not qualified to speak on the subject. But Biden disagrees, telling him that "everyone is qualified" and "it's on all of us to change the culture and prevent sexual assault."

Devine then says that if someone sees a friend making moves on someone too drunk to be able to consent, anyone can tell their friend to back off and make sure that the drunk person gets home safely. "Exactly, exactly. You've got this," Biden says before telling the crowd to take a pledge to help prevent sexual assault at the "It's on Us" website.

What a guy!

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