Donald Trump supporters have received a lot of criticism all through the Republican's exhausting presidential campaign. And one Trump supporter in particular has become the topic of discussion lately after photos of black dummies being hanged from a tree in their front lawn went viral.

In the disturbing and racist photos, two stuffed dummies that appear to be black and dressed in baggy clothing were hoisted into the air by nooses and put on display in a suburban Florida neighborhood. The home owner also had Donald Trump signs around the yard.

Two anonymous callers believed to be owners of the home, reportedly phoned The Miami Times following the press concerning their display, claiming it was nothing more than a scary prop for Halloween. One of the callers claimed the display was "not racist, nothing political." The other caller followed their conversation by sending the Times an updated photo of their yard with a sign posted in front of the display that read: "Please don't be ignorant, it's Halloween!"

Nice try, but there's still a handful of people who just aren't buying the whole scary Halloween display story.