A truck filled with cannabis edibles caught on fire in Delaware early Sunday evening, causing smoke that could be seen for miles, according to local ABC affiliate WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. The Weed World Candies truck was headed to Philadelphia when their truck of cannabis candy went up in flames on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 

Weed World Candies, a cannabis legalization advocacy group, travels to various places around the country in loud and proud marijuana-themed vehicles to promote their work and marijuana candy. 

WPVI-TV reports that firefighters showed up to the scene quickly and were able to get the flames under control. All five of the people onboard the Weed World RV safely escaped the fire. Though responders were able to manage the fire, WPVI-TV reports that traffic was backed up for hours as a result. 

Weed World Candies told WPVI-TV that while all the employees made it out safely, the personal items they had in the RV as well as the candies were destroyed by the fire.