Texas Teenager Arrested for Making Clown Threats as Epidemic Refuses to Die

A 17-year-old in Austin, Texas has been arrested for making clown in yet another continuation of the nation-wide clown epidemic.

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A teenage suspect has turned himself in and was subsequently arrested following a police investigation into recent clownthreats of violence in Austin, Texas. CBS Austin reported 17-year-old Noah Adam Hollingsworth, a student of Akins High School, turned himself in to the police Wednesday afternoon.

The Austin Independent School District Police told CBS Austin Noah turned himself in to the Travis County Jail shortly before 2 p.m Wednesday and confessed to making threats of clown attacks. Police also said they believe the recent threats, including Noah's, were copycat threats. Noah has been charged with making terroristic threats, a misdemeanor charge, according to the Statesman

Numerous threats to schools regarding violent attacks from clowns have been circulated on social media recently in a wave of clown related sightings and threats that have been seen throughout the country for weeks. In Texas, not only have there been threats, but someone dressed as a clown attempted to assault a woman on the University of Texas campus on Monday, according to the Statesman

Warrants were issued on Wednesday, but so far Noah's is the only arrest that has been reported in connection with the recent clown threats. 

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