So far this month, most of us in the nation are debating whether or not to add an extra layer before going out. Throwing on a windbreaker may make us a little too overheated. Depending on the day, sometimes a thick woolen sweater was a little too much as well. It's a pleasant problem to have, and if nothing else, it means our summer wardrobe is hanging around a little bit longer. Who are we to complain about the weather, right?

While it may be sunshine and gumdrops in Eastern Canada, parts of the country are being bombarded with heavy bouts of snow. Out in Alberta and Saskatchewan, residents are bundling up like it's an arctic expedition, and shoveling their way out of driveways. This may sound normal for Canada, but it's important to look at the calendar. Ok, did you peek at the date? It's only the beginning of October, and barely the beginning of autumn. Before we show you the physical evidence of the snow, be ain't pretty.

It's not even Halloween, but this may be the scariest thing we've seen all year long. Here are a few more pics of the snowfall.

Ok so the last photo was taken at the North Pole. But if you didn't read the caption, would you have known the difference? We don't think so either, and that's why this whole thing is crazy. All we can do right now is hold onto each other, and soak in the sun. This is the most brutal reminder, that it won't be this warm forever.