In what is arguably the sweetest deal to come out of improved relations between the U.S. and Cuba, President Obama announced Friday the U.S. lifted its 50-year ban on importing Cuban rum and cigars for personal use. The law goes into effect Monday.

Let the good times roll, Barry O.

USA TODAY reports:

Under the new rules, which go into effect Monday, travelers can purchase unlimited quantities of Cuban rum and cigars in any country where they are sold so long as they are for personal consumption [...] You can't order Cuban rum and cigars online and have them shipped to your home.

In a wide-ranging speech about his Cuba policy, Obama noted that he wanted to build so many ties between the U.S. and Cuba—relationships that are both political and business-related—that "a future administration wanting to scale back those ties would face widespread opposition from U.S. businesses and citizens."

"Challenges remainand very real differences between our governments persist on issues of democracy and human rightsbut I believe that engagement is the best way to address those differences and make progress on behalf of our interests and values," Obama said on Friday. "The progress of the last two years, bolstered by today's action, should remind the world of what's possible when we look to the future together."

White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice was, like we all are, thrilled with the news. "You can now celebrate with Cuban rum and Cuban cigars,” she said on Friday after the news was announced.

Now would be a good time to book a trip to the island.