UPDATE (10/10/16):

Despite rumors that Mike Pence wants off the GOP ticket, Pence quickly congratulated his running mate on Twitter following Sunday night's debate:

This morning, Pence went even further on CNN. “It’s absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket.” Pence said that being the GOP’s vice presidential candidate is “the greatest honor of my life.”

With that said, Pence did openly denounce Trump’s support for sexual assault and said he “couldn’t condone and I couldn’t defend those remarks.” Still, Pence says that “politics is a very tough business” and praised Trump for expressing “his personal remorse” for the comments.

You can watch Pence’s full response below.

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Things that Donald Trump said at the second presidential debate have people questioning his relationship with his running mate, Indiana governor Mike Pence. 

During the debate Trump said that he'd never "spoke" to pence about a plan for dealing with Syria, and confirmed he has a completely different opinion about how to deal with the conflict and rise of ISIS there. 

That statement comes not long after Pence distanced himself from Trump during the vice presidential debate, and just a day after Pence said he could not condone the things Trump said about grabbing women in a hot mic video from 2005 that surfaced on Friday. Pence also canceled a campaign appearance in Wisconsin. 

Not long after Trump's comments at the debate, journalist Steve Clemons tweeted this.

Although a reporter for the New York Times says that Pence's people are denying any such action.