Texas man Samuel Velasco Gurrola was convicted of hiring people to kill his wife and other family members in 2008 on Monday, according to CBS. Velasco was found guilty of conspiring to commit murder against his own wife, Ruth Sagredo, and her sister and father. 

CBS reports that the full list of Velasco Gurrola's convictions include conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country (Mexico), conspiracy to cause foreign travel for murder for hire, and murder.

The twisted crimes were motivated by Velasco Gurrola's desire to prevent one of the family members from testifying against him court regarding 2005 sexual assault allegations, according to the El Paso Times. CBS reports that Velasco Gurrola faced up to 99 years in prison for the sexual assault allegations.

Velasco Gurrola used the murder of Sagredo's father, who lived in Mexico, to lure his wife across the border, where he planned to have her murdered as well, according to CBS. Things didn't go as planned at Sagredo's father's funeral, so Velasco Gurrola​ had her sister killed to get Sagredo back to Mexico. 

Velasco Gurrola is set to be sentenced in January and faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison, according to CBS.