Vice President Joe Biden is clearly fed up with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's antics, and basically called the guy an idiot during a speech on Thursday. Biden told a crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire Trump is "so stupid that it's possible he doesn't understand the damage he's doing." 

The crowd laughed, but Biden insisted "it's possible." Biden was addressing Trump's repeated claims that the election has already been rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, a stance the GOP candidate doubled-down on again during Wednesday night's final debate.

During the debate, Trump was asked if he would accept the outcome of the general election on November 8, and Trump answered by saying he would keep everyone waiting in "suspense." Clinton said she thought Trump's answer was "horrifying." Trump addressed the answer he gave at the debate on Thursday, saying he would accept the outcome of the election, but only if he is declared the winner.

Biden has gone in on Trump several times in this election. Recently, Biden took Trump down over comments Trump made about PTSD patients, suggesting they are not "strong." 

Biden has also reamed Trump for his immigration policy and for his remarks about sexually assaulting women. With 18 days still left until election day, it's anyones guess what Biden might have to blast Trump for next.