If you need dating advice, this post isn't where you'll find it. But if you're looking for a hilarious relationship story from Twitter, you're in the right place. Yesterday Twitter user @WeNotSocks, aka #YourBoyWeNotSocks, blessed us with one of the most endearing and hilarious Twitter rants we've seen in a while. 

The saga began when Mr. Socks found out his side chick got herself a boyfriend, and he was absolutely crushed. 

As you might expect, Socks' crying was a little baffling for his actual girlfriend:

Then he got really deep on us:

Okay, maybe hilarious is more accurate than "deep" but still:

Then he gets hit with the bombshell:

But that's it, that's all we get:

So be careful about falling in love with your side piece—or, if you do, at least share it with us on Twitter.