What kind of douchebag punches a horse in the face? Apparently, there were dozens of them wreaking havoc on the Temple University campus in Philadelphia on Friday evening.

According to police, there were several incidents involving a large flash mob full of juveniles who bumrushed random people on the campus. One 18-year-old girl suffered cuts and scrapes on her body and had her debit card stolen when she was attacked by a flash mob. Another person was robbed of a Bluetooth speaker, an iPod, and more. But the most insane incident involved a 16-year-old individual who allegedly ran up on police and rocked a horse in the face—twice. That particular person was apprehended a short time later and will likely face some pretty serious charges.

Four people in total were arrested following the flash mob attacks, and they were charged with everything from aggravated assault to robbery to criminal conspiracy. In some instances, there were reports of more than 100 people walking in groups, causing mayhem. There's no indication as to why these attacks were being handed out, but hopefully the cause of this insanity comes to light. Flash mobs have been a big problem in Philadelphia in recent years, and they got so bad back in 2011 that the city briefly instituted a strict curfew to try and stop them.

While the most recent flash mob incidents make zero sense, one has to wonder what would motivate someone to haul off and sneak a horse in the face. That's a particular type of savagery. And with some saying that similar attacks were believed to have been going on on Thursday and Saturday nights, residents in that area might want to keep it safe.