Seven men were reportedly wounded in a violent East Oakland shooting that erupted late at night on Oct. 22. According to police, the severity of the victims' injuries vary. 

Authorities were first alerted to the chaotic incident a quarter before midnight by an unidentified bystander who heard gunfire in the area, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. When patrol officers arrived on the scene,  gunfire reportedly continued to go off, striking many civilians who were caught in the crossfire. 

Several victims showed up to the nearby hospital on their own, according to police. The seven victims reportedly ranged from ages 27 to 45. One victim was reportedly  released from the emergency room, while others remain hospitalized. 

It is still unclear of what may have caused the night shooting, but Officer Johnna Watson said that Oakland officers have been moving door to door through the neighborhood in an effort to capture any possible suspects. Authorities reportedly have detained one suspect, although no other details have been disclosed. 

This story is developing.