Major League Baseball great Curt Schilling has found a new job. Starting Oct. 25 at 9 a.m. he'll host the streaming radio show Whatever It Takes for Breitbart, a conservative, pro-Donald Trump news site. 

According to an announcement posted to Breitbart, the former MLB pitcher who won two World Series with the Red Sox and another with the Arizona Diamondbacks, is "recognized by Americans across the country for his uncensored commentary on patriotism and the leftist agenda... and is eager to be back on the air to talk about it."

Schilling was fired from his job as a color commentator on Disney-owned ESPN after an anti-transgender post on Facebook six months ago. He'd been suspended from ESPN about six months before that, after he tweeted a comparison between Muslims and Nazis. 

Schilling is a hardcore conservative and held a Trump rally in Boston that nobody came to earlier this month, where he stood under an anti-Hillary Clinton sign reading "her lies matter," a parody of "black lives matter."

From the announcement: 

Schilling is ready to join the fight against the leftist agenda, which is destroying America: "I am proud to be a part of a team that will continue to point out the very thing that's ruining this country: liberal, progressive, socialist agenda driven by the elite globalist connected to American politics and the Clinton family."