Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry recently returned from their five-week tour in South America on Oct. 29. And as if that wasn't cool enough already, once the boys touched down on American soil, they were invited onto Air Force One for an impromptu meeting with President Obama

What began as just a mission to take some pictures sitting in front of Air Force while waiting for their own plane to take off soon turned into chatting with the POTUS. "While we’re sittin’ on the runway, we’re lookin’ at Air Force One and we got out, took some pictures," Joe Perry recalled to Vanyaland. "And the next thing you know, we’re on the plane being given a tour. Then Obama heard we were there on the plane and he said, 'If you wait ’til I get there, we’ll do a little meet and greet.' So we ended up talking with him for a couple minutes, getting some pictures."

Steven also shared a few pics the bandmates took with President Obama on Twitter and Instagram. "No better way to finish a beautiful South American tour... from Aero Force One to Air Force One... The best welcome home ever," he tweeted. Additionally, the singer-songwriter told WESH, the Commander-in-chief revealed that he was a huge fan of Aerosmith's music before reciting the lyrics to the group's 1975 hit "Walk This Way." 

"He’s something else," Steven said of meeting with the President. Joe also hinted that the impromptu meet and greet may be one of his coolest adventures he's had yet. "It was pretty flipped out—and it was definitely worth the wait… Steven and I have had some pretty cool adventures, but this one is right up there."