A Houston 911 call center operator was arrested on Oct. 14 after allegedly hanging up on a frantic caller, citing that "ain't nobody got time for this," according to reports. 

The moderator, later identified as Crenshanda Williams, has been charged and put under police investigation after supervisors noticed that she had an abnormally large number of calls that lasted less than 20 seconds each, according to courts documents obtained by CNN. In fact, after further investigation through the Houston Emergency Center database, authorities found that "thousands of short calls have been attributed to [Williams]" from Oct. 2015 to Mar. 2016. 


Two incidents in particular stuck out to police during their investigation, in which Williams hung up on callers who were victims of a high speed chase and a robbery gone wrong. In Mar. 2015, a man identified as Huang Li dialed 911 to report a robbery he had walked in on at a local store in Houston. According to reports, Li reported six gunshots being fired in the store. Despite the clear state of emergency, Williams allegedly hung up on him the first time. And when Li tried a second time, Williams allegedly sighed before cutting the call short again. The store owner reportedly died as a result.

In the second incident, Williams responded to a call reporting that two large trucks were engaged in some sort of high speed chase on the highway. Williams reportedly hung up on the caller mid-sentence. The moderator was also heard allegedly complaining about the call on the official recording. 

When Williams was interview by Houston police in June 2016, she allegedly told the interrogating officers that she often hung up on calls because she "didn't want to talk anymore" or didn't have the time to listen. Williams has reportedly been charged with a misdemeanor of interfering with emergency telephone calls. She is scheduled to appear in court some time next week, according to KPRC.