It turns out that the new £5 notes aren't actually indestructible.

The new notes, which entered circulation last month, are made from waterproof polymer and have been built to survive a spin in the washing machine, but it doesn't look like they can handle extreme heat.

The notes shrink in temperatures higher than 120 degrees.

After seeing groups on Facebook post about their shrunk £5 notes, comedian Ryan Swain decided to test the theory by leaving the money in his jeans as they went through the tumble dryer.

After that, Jme started tweeting pictures of his own money, which he decided to put in the oven.

Speaking to The Mirror, a spokesperson for the Bank of England gave a short statement confirming that these weren't hoaxes and that the polymer notes weren't in fact totally heatproof:

"We are aware that polymer banknotes begin to shrink and melt at temperatures above 120C, so they can be damaged by an iron.”

Don't try this at home unless you want to be a little bit poorer.

[via Mirror]