Dating has been made much easier (or more difficult, depending on who you ask) because of all of the dating apps to pick and choose from. But dating can't possibly get any easier than sharing an Uber, as San Francisco-based comedian Stroy Moyd has proven with his new dating game show Rideshare the Love.

Moyd, also a part-time Uber driver, plays driver and host, as Vox reported. The game begins once the contestant gets into Moyd's car where they're handed a video message on a phone from a friend who set you up. From there the contestant is blindfolded before potential matches join for the ride. Those matches are chosen by Moyd with information provided by a contestant's friend. The contestant's friend also helps Moyd with information about where and when to meet the victim contestant, so that he can be nearby when she requests an Uber. Moyd said he gets contestants by posting ads on Facebook asking who wants be on a "surprise dating game."

Once in the car, contestants can ask their potential matches questions, like one would on a regular dating show, before picking one match to go on a date with. The chosen one can then take the date or a cash prize. Moyd came up with the idea while driving for Uber one day when he saw a girl try to pick up a guy. "I was driving a car with a girl and a guy in back," Moyd told Vox. "This girl was trying to spit game at the guy, and I just thought, 'Damn, why don't I have a dating game that takes place right here in my car?"

There's still hope for all you non-San Francisco singles. You can let your next suitor have a peek at you with the Pokémon Go dating app, or find yourself a partner in the Great White North so you can flee the country to avoid a Donald Trump presidency.