Martin Shkreli is, of course, the “Pharma bro” whose claim to fame was raising the price of a AIDS drug 5500% and becoming public enemy number one for it. Shkreli, who is known for doing questionable things like wanting to buy the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin and threatening members of the Wu-Tang Clan, is auctioning the chance to punch or slap him in the face to help out a friend’s family.

Shkreli tweeted that he was auctioning the punch or slap to benefit the family of his former PR consultant Mike Kulich, who passed away on Sept. 24. According to the fund in Kulich’s name, he died in his sleep at age 29. Kulich leaves behind a 5 year-old-son named Tyler, who just recovered from leukemia. Shkreli is collecting the auction money for a trust fund for Tyler.

Donation for my PR consultant who passed away. Leaves behind a young child who is recovering from cancer.

— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) September 26, 2016

I will auction one slap/punch in the face to benefit my friend Mike who passed away & leaves behind a young son who survived cancer. DM bids

— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) September 26, 2016

I'll match donation to a certain point. You may video the slap/punch. Mike architected my publicity stunts & I bet he is watching, smiling.

— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) September 26, 2016

Shkreli tweeted that he’d match the bids “to a certain point,” adding, “Mike architected my publicity stunts & I bet he is watching, smiling.” Shkreli will even allow the lucky winner to record video of the punch or slap. But let’s face it: given the option, who’s really going to settle for a slap?

Surprising no one, Shkreli said bids were as high $78,000.  It also seems Shkreli also put up an eBay auction for anyone that wants to have dinner with him, though that listing no longer appears. 

According to The Huffington Post, Shkreli is selling off an autographed photo in addition to the punch or slap. The listing reads: