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A new poll by GenForward of young adults 18-30 shows that Black Lives Matter has widespread support not only among people of color, but whites as well.

The poll, which can be found here, shows that 51% of white people surveyed support the Black Lives Matter movement, an increase of 10 points since June. According to the survey, a majority of African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino/as, and whites all support the movement.

However, the poll also found that about two-thirds of whites believe that  Black Lives Matter’s rhetoric encourages violence against police​, a much higher percentage than any other ethnic group surveyed. There was also a 20-percentage-point gap between whites who think violence against police is a serious problem (63%) and those who think the killing of African-Americans by police is a serious problem (43%). 

The survey also investigated attitudes on voting and immigration. It found that in the race for President, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latino/as are going for Hillary Clinton in a big way (60-2 among African Americans, 52-14 among Asian Americans, and 49-8 among Latino/as), while she and Donald Trump are tied among whites. The poll also notes the support of former Bernie Sanders supporters breaks down along racial lines. Most young adults of color who backed the Vermont Senator in his bid for the nation's highest office now support Clinton, while many white Sanders backers are looking elsewhere—in particular, to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

When it comes to immigration, the survey shows that a majority of all races believe that immigrants are changing American culture for the better. It also demonstrates overwhelming support across the board for a guest worker program.