Charles Wasko, the mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, was asked to resign this week after derogatory and racist memes aimed at President Obama and his family were found on his Facebook page.

According to CNN, Wasko allegedly posted a photo of a monkey in June along with a caption indicating that it depicted Michelle Obama. He also allegedly captioned a photo of orangutans in a wagon with the word "moving day at the White House. Additionally, CNN reports Wasko has posted memes tying President Obama and Hillary Clinton to ISIS and even one particularly shocking photo of Clint Eastwood holding a noose with the caption, "Barry this rope is for you. Wanna bring that empty chair over here!"

While Wasko is the mayor of  West York, his position is reportedly unpaid, which is making it difficult for residents of the town to remove him from office. But they are still trying to make it happen. Shawn Mauck, the West York Council President, told CNN that "the community itself and colleagues have reached out to me and asked for his resignation." Mauck, who blames Wasko's hateful rhetoric at least partly on Donald Trump, also created a petition urging to mayor to step down.

While speaking with the York Daily Record, Wasko called the public's response to his posts "bullsh*t." He also allegedly wrote that he will not be "politically correct" on his Facebook page on Thursday. "I will say what is on my mind," he wrote, "and what I believe in."