Ohio police have shared shocking photos of two adults passed out behind the wheel after an alleged heroin overdose. As shown in the graphic images shared Thursday on Facebook by the East Liverpool Police Department, a 4-year-old boy is seen in the backseat. According to the police report, the child has now been placed in the care of Columbiana County Chidren's Services.

James Acord and Rhonda Pasek were traveling in a Ford explorer in East Liverpool Wednesday afternoon when an officer noticed the driver was behaving erratically. After abruptly coming to a stop near a school bus that was "in the process of discharging children," the officer approached the driver, Acord, and noticed his speech was slurred and nearly impossible to understand. Acord told the officer he was transporting Pasek to the hospital, then tried to drive away before the officer removed the keys. As the officer noticed the child awake in the backseat, Acord passed out.

Medical personnel responded to the scene and gave Acord and Pasek Narcan, a drug designed to reverse the effects of an overdose in an emergency situation. Both adults ultimately regained consciousness and were transported to the hospital. According to FOX 8 News, Acord was charged with endangering children, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and slowing or stopping in a roadway. Pasek was charged with not wearing a seat belt, endangering children, and public intoxication. The 4-year-old boy was later confirmed to be Pasek's grandson.

Ohio made headlines with another disturbing heroin incident just last month, as Ohio State Highway Patrol officers and a nurse were shown on dash cam video saving the lives of a father and son who had apparently suffered an overdose.

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