After social media reports of a loud explosion in Chelsea rolled in Saturday night, many people Tweeted or posted to Facebook asking friends and family in New York to check in for safety, while some New Yorkers were already on social media telling everyone how "over it" they were. National news hadn't even released reports before denizens of the Big Apple let the world know they were totally chill about the bombs, so could worried people please just like, cool it and mind their own business?

29 people were injured in the Saturday's explosion, NBC News reports, and thankfully nobody was killed. But that didn't stop many New Yorkers from publicly responding to the bombs with the equivalent of a shrug emoji. "Calm down, non-New Yorkers" tweets poured in Saturday night, and the sentiment poured over into New York Twitter on Sunday and Monday.

Some tweets indicate that NYers are able to stay totally calm in the face of violence because it's a big city:

While some New Yorkers are content to shrug it off, others were of course very concerned and not afraid to show it:

Whether it's a reasonable coping mechanism or something bordering on callous, some New Yorkers just aren't all that disturbed by the bombings.