Late Show god Stephen Colbert may not have a viral segment in which guests shred some karaoke in an automobile, but he's still got the goods. Colbert was in rare form when First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by on Tuesday's show, inspiring FLOTUS to unveil her greatest Barack impression before eventually getting inquisitive for a quality blanket fort hang.

"You have to be in it," Obama said when asked if she had sympathy for the significant others of presidential candidates. "If you don't agree, then you should have agreed before they ran." When Colbert brought up that whole Melania Trump and plagiarism thing, Obama seemed to hold pretty firm with the "no sympathy" vibes. "Yeah, that was tough," Obama said, smiling.

As for that superb Barack impression, Obama said she and the fam have pretty much mastered it after years of hearing POTUS get serious at the dinner table. "Malia will start it because she usually asks the serious question," Obama said. "And Sasha and I are like, 'oh god, no, don't get him started.'" According to FLOTUS, the rest of the fam would rather discuss the Beyoncé instaclassic Lemonade.

With the end of their 8 years in the White House drawing closer, Obama told Colbert that recent months have certainly been bittersweet. FLOTUS last elaborated on the family's post-presidency plans during an appearance on Ellen, revealing it's actually the people they'll miss more than anything else. "The girls have grown up in the White House," Obama told Ellen DeGeneres last week. "The staff that's there, we see them every day. These are people who have helped us raise our kids. They've loved us. They've taken care of us. And the minute we leave, that's it. It's really the people we'll miss most."