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White people, let's get it together y'all. Using the n-word is not okay. Using blackface is not okay. Again for those in the back: white people should not use the n-word or blackface.

Unfortunately, that's a lesson they must not teach at Kansas State University where, as KSU student Desmund Weathers (@JustDesmund) put it, "breakfast in the morning is some K-State Family with a side of Racism." He posted a screenshot of a snapchat of Paige Shoemaker, a white former* sorority girl at KSU. Along with another girl, Shoemaker was wearing blackface and throwing up the Westside W with the caption "feels good to finally be a nigga."

Shoemaker is a former* member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (According to the Director of Communication for the International Office of ZTA​​, Shoemaker "was expelled from the organization in spring of 2015 and in no way represents the values of Zeta Tau Alpha​." You can read the organization's full statement at the bottom) at Kansas State University, where she studies biochemistry and pre-med and seems to work at the Qdoba. The other girl in the picture, who apparently sent similar snaps too, has been identified as Sadie Meier, who's apparently a senior cook with KSU's Housing and Dining Services.

For Weathers, the Snapchat exposes how difficult it can be as a black student at a predominantly white institution like KSU:

When one person argued that "getting people fired and kicked out of college" for things like Shoemaker's Snapchat won't "gain compassion for your suffering," Weathers clapped back:

Others agreed with Weathers:

Some people blamed Trump for empowering and bringing out people like Shoemaker:

Of course, others on Twitter went off on Shoemaker in a classic Twitter roast:

Tens of thousands of people are searching for Paige Shoemaker on Facebook, so I'm sure her roast is far from over:

In a statement, KSU's Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Pat Bosco said he's aware "that one of our students posted a racially offensive photo today on social media and used one of the most derogatory words in the English language." He emphasized, "There is no place for racism at our university, regardless of what the intentions may have been." He also praised "the diligent work of the K-State Black Student Union and its efforts and legacy of addressing these issues in an effective and pragmatic way." He concludes by saying KSU "must do better, and we will do better." The statement, however, doesn't mention any punishment or disciplinary action for the two students.

The Zeta Tau Alpha organization has issued the following statement: "We have become aware that a former member of our organization has posted racist comments on her social media channels. While she did join the Beta Upsilon Chapter at Kansas State University in 2013, she was expelled from the chapter and is no longer affiliated with the organization. Her words and actions certainly do not reflect the values and principles of Zeta Tau Alpha. Our Creed teaches us to look for the good in everyone and to seek understanding in order to gain true wisdom. Our Fraternity’s membership includes women of many races, nationalities and religions and we all strive to seek the noblest in every endeavor."​