Juggalos, as Insane Clown Posse's fans are known, are a weird bunch. Apparently, even by Juggalo standards, Jonathan Schrap is a very weird and troubled dude.

Schrap, of Green Bay, Wis., found himself in jail on charges of "mayhem" and "reckless injury" after the 24-year-old chopped off his friend's pinky, cut her arm and drank her blood during what court documents describe as a "ritualistic memorial" commemorating a fellow Juggalo who passed away a year before.

According to WBAY, Schrap was with a group of friends, including a local horror-core rapper named "Bloody Ruckus" (who reportedly recorded the incident on video), when they started discussing a blood-drinking ritual on the morning of Saturday, Aug. 27.

Shelby Neuens, 27, volunteered to let Schrap drink her blood, allowing him to cut "an approximate one inch laceration" on her forearm with a machete. As she began "bleeding profusely," Schrap filled a shot glass with her blood and gulped it down.

Evidently, that was all fine and dandy with everybody; soon after, Neuens tells the group that it's cool if they cut off her pinky. Schrap picks up the machete, and, on his second strike, "took the pinky clean off," according to the criminal complaint. "All the way to the palm."

The group—after Schrap put Neuens' finger in his freezer so he could "cook it and eat it later"—tried to stop the bleeding with a car cigarette lighter. When that didn't work, they tried a blowtorch. That didn't work either, with Neuens telling police that the wounds from the blowtorch were even more painful than her pinky getting chopped off.

Later that night, after her boyfriend's mother heard the story, Neuens went to the emergency room, where the staff called the police. Despite having more burns and less pinkies than she had when the day started, Neuens made it clear that the ritual was voluntary and that she didn't want anyone to be charged.

Notably, Neuens said she was not using drugs or alcohol when all this happened, which arguably makes this whole thing even weirder. Nonetheless, Schrap has a preliminary hearing on Sept. 21.

Back in 2011, the FBI described Juggalos as a "loosely organized hybrid gang" that's engaged in gang activity in around 20 states, mostly including "simple assault, personal drug use and possession, petty theft and vandalism." 

In response, ICP sued to have Juggalos taken off the list. At first, the suit was dismissed. In Sept. 2015, though, they were given a chance to appeal. They're not off the list yet, but they'll "finally get their day in court," as Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J of ICP said at the time. They added, “Discrimination against someone based solely upon the type of music they listen to is just flat out wrong.” The legal director of the ACLU of Michigan explained, "While the Juggalos may be non-conformists, they are certainly not a criminal gang."