While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were busy giving Stephen Colbert plenty of material for his post-debate live special on Monday night, VP hopeful Jimmy Kimmel kept the competitor vibes strong over at ABC by hitting up Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for an unsanctioned debate. The real winner here? Probably Kaine's harmonica.

Kimmel and Kaine met up at a prestigious Buffalo Wild Wings location to hash out their supposed differences, with Kimmel vowing to stay in the fight despite the fact that he's running a solo VP campaign. "I do feel a little bad that I've been in your way," Kaine told Kimmel. "But it's good to sit down and maybe hash it out a little bit."

As Kaine described his plan to achieve an economy that "works for all," Kimmel interrupted him with some plans of his own. "I propose that we have the Monday after Super Bowl off from work," Kimmel suggested before laying out some additional platform teases. "My thought on [social media] is we're spending too much time on it as a country." For Kimmel, no American should be allowed more than two social media shares a day.

As these things often do, Kaine and Kimmel's discussion then evolved into a makeshift harmonica war that surprisingly included some riffage from one of the dudes behind this song:

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