Jimmy Fallon, one of many Jimmys currently tasked with conducting late-night shenanigans on TV for a hefty salary, has been under fire in the days since his decidedly awful Donald Trump interview. For Monday's Tonight Show, Fallon welcomed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to mock his own shortcomings in a characteristically mild way: literal softballs.

"That was my gift for him," Fallon said when Clinton pulled the softballs from a bag alleged to have included a bunch of garbage Trump left behind when visiting the studio. "I'll give them to you later in the interview." Also in the bag? A copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall and a framed photo of Vladimir Putin.

Fallon kept the Tonight Show mildness alive during their entire chat, even donning a surgical mask and hitting up some hand sanitizer to mock Clinton's so-called health controversy. "I'm not contagious," Clinton clarified. "I'm used to just getting up and powering through it. That's what I thought I could do. Turns out I couldn't."

As we draw closer to a round of surely interesting presidential debates, Clinton also made sure to chime in on Trump's continued habit of reckless rhetoric. "[Trump] went after a distinguished federal judge, because he was born in Indiana of Mexican heritage [and] called him a Mexican," Clinton told Fallon. "He went after a gold star family whose son was heroically lost in Iraq because they're Muslims. You have to take a deep breath and say to yourself, 'What kind of country do we really want?' I want a country where barriers are knocked down and little girls and little boys can feel like they can go as far as their hard work can take them without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, [and] sexual orientation."

As this is Fallon we're talking about, you know dude had to get Clinton involved in some sort of a game or a skit or whatever the hell you call his segments. On this particular Tonight Show, that meant reading letters from presumably real children:

The first presidential debate is scheduled to take place Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in New York. Not registered to vote? Quit messing around and take care of that right now.