A crafty Nevada murder suspect was busted—again—when he was caught on camera breaking out of a police station interview room last week. 

The Associated Press reported 25-year-old homicide suspect Alonso Perez broke free from handcuffs in the Sept. 1 video that the North Las Vegas Police Department made public Wednesday (which you can see above). According to North Las Vegas Police Chief Alexander Perez (no relation), the suspect "torques it to the point, using some of his body weight, that it snaps the hinges." The video then shows the suspect sitting back down, at which point the Police Chief said a detective went in the room to check on him. The suspect is then seen climbing on to a chair in interview room and through the ceiling where he escaped.

Alonso Perez was caught on Tuesday after his great getaway four days prior. After escaping the interview room, he fell into a police station hallway after crawling through the ceiling and stole an idle work truck in a parking lot. Police said they found Perez near where they recovered the abandoned truck. 

Perez was accused of killing a man outside of a fast food restaurant on Aug. 27. Other charges against him include assault with a weapon, armed robbery, and domestic battery.

The Police Chief said he’s never had a handcuffed suspect escape in all his 25 years. Since the incident, he’s ordered security cameras in interview rooms to be monitored at all times and is investigating the escape. However badly Perez' plan turned out, at least it was better executed than the man who tried to chew his way out of a police car seat belt to make his child’s birthday party.