The 2016 presidential election is not without its memes—I'm looking at you, Twitter—and they don't appear to be slowing up before November's election day. The internet lost its mind last year after a 15-year-old announced his bid for the White House under the name Deez Nuts (right around the time Kanye announced his bid, as well). However, it now appears an even more unlikely candidate has joined the race: the Heavenly Father himself.

Friday, Colbert made note of the fact that a whopping 1928 people have declared their candidacy for president during this election cycle, adding that this figure has quadrupled since the last election. Of these purported candidates who'd like to try their hand at the Oval Office? Cobra Commander, Yoda StarWars, and God. You know, you're usual, run-of-the-mill competition for leader of the free world.

Elsewhere on Friday's show, Colbert gave a nod to this week's revelation that even the Dalai Lama's got jokes about Donald Trump.

In case you missed it, the Dalai Lama recently sat down with Peirs Morgan for Good Morning Britain, during which Morgan asked him to share his thoughts on the U.S. election. In what is perhaps the greatest impression of The Donald to date, the Dalai Lama splayed his fingers across his forehead to create a glorious mimic of Trump's rumored toupee. He then used his fingers to impersonate the way Donald Trump speaks, which Colbert generously replayed for his audience before heaping praises on the Dalai Lama's shade.

This election, man. Smh.