In today's WTF? news, Texas funeral director David L. Jones is being accused of taking selfies with caskets. 

According to ABC13 Eyewitness news, one family is outraged with the selfie-taking funeral director. Rose Molina told Houston TV station KTRK that he "disrespected this day in my family's life." Molina's family was burying her cousin when the disrespectful incident allegedly happened. Molina alleged she saw Jones take a selfie with the hearse in the background after her cousin's body was placed there.

"You could see that he had it kind of angled, you know, you have it positioned in a certain way to catch the background," said Molina. But when Molina confronted Jones about the alleged selfie, Jones said he was fixing his tie. Not convinced, Molina went to Jones' Facebook page, where she saw selfies of him with hearses,  presumably filled with caskets, behind him. There's more than a handful of photos of Jones with caskets, including one photo of him sitting in the front seat of the hearse with a casket visible behind him.

At the time of the selfie in question, Jones was reportedly working for Leal Funeral Home, said funeral home owner Joaquin Leal. Leal said Jones was an independent contractor. In a phone conversation, Leal told KTRK that Jones' behavior was unacceptable. Leal also said he called Molina's family to apologize for the incident.

"We were mourning the loss of my cousin, to be a very family event, private event, it's tainted. He disrespected this day in my family's life," said Molina.

KTRK reported there's never been a complaint lodged against Jones, though that will soon change as Molina said she was going to file one. KTRK reported the selfie could potentially cost Jones upward of $5,000 as a violation of conduct from the Texas Funeral Services Commission.

If Jones really wanted a good selfie, he should have attended more unorthodox wakes like this man playing dominoes or this man smoking a cigarette.