A Florida woman was busted for calling in a bomb threat to prevent her boyfriend from submitting a urine sample, police say. Deniz Martinez was hit with the felony charge of making a false report about a nonexistent bomb Tuesday, WFLA reports. Martinez, 31, had driven her boyfriend, Jason Drake, to the Winter Haven probation office for a previously scheduled urinalysis.

Drake, 38, was "unable" to provide the required urine sample and was forced to stay at the probation office until doing so. Approximately six hours later, Martinez placed the 911 call. Martinez told authorities that a man was in front of the building with plans to blow it up, though she reportedly ended the call when the dispatcher started firing off questions. Listen to the 911 call here or below.

When officers figured out the call was likely an attempt to stall Drake's urine exam, they worked quickly to track down Martinez. She was later found at her apartment in Lake Wales, at which point police say she confessed to placing the fake bomb threat and was arrested. Drake was also arrested for probation violation after failing to produce urine. Police are currently investigating Drake's role in the bomb hoax, meaning additional charges could be filed.

Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, a separate and entirely unrelated bomb hoax shut down crucial parts of Florida's Turnpike Monday. After an hour of investigation by Miami-Dade police after a "bogus call" was placed from Miami Beach, NBC News reports that the clogged traffic near Florida State University was relieved of its annoyance.

Calling in bomb threats? Confirmed lame.